Steps to Obtaining the Certified Military Relocator® Designation

To Become a Certified Military Relocator® the following will need to be completed:

  1. Complete the Official Designation Application
  2. Submit a Statement of Good Standing with local MLS Board
  3. Submit a copy of a Local Criminal Background Check. This can be obtained from the local sheriff’s department or police station or by clicking this link to our preferred background agency.

Proof of closed VA transactions or Substantial Contact* With Military Personnel/Families

Must provide copies of 3 Closed Statements from within the last year. You may blackout the client’s names and addresses for privacy.  Also the MLS printout that names you as a broker related to the transactions.

If applicant is in an area where VA is not commonly used, the applicant may provide 3 client references. The client references must meet the below specifications:

 Must be Active Duty, Active Reserves or Retired Military Personnel.

  •   Must have assisted the client within past 12 months
  • Client contact must have been in either the selling of a property, the purchase of a property, or securing a rental home or direction to Installation Housing Facilities.
  •  Contact must have been substantial in manner.
  •  Must provide the following information for the client (please note references will be spot checked for accuracy): 

-    Name of client

-    Branch of Service & Rank

-    Date & Type of Client Contact

-    Contact Information (Email or phone Number)

If the Applicant fits into one or more of the below categories then the VA Transactions or substantial contact requirement will be waived.

  1. Applicant is currently serving on Active Duty in the Armed Forces, must provide a copy of current Military Identification Card (social security number if visible can be blacked out)
  2. Applicant is Retired from the US Military, must provide a copy of Military Identification Card (social security number if visible can be blacked out)
  3. Applicant has served in the US Armed Forces but is not retired and obtained an honorable discharge (Must provide a copy of DD-214, if social security number is visible it may be blacked out and a copy of a photo ID)
  4. Applicant is the spouse of an Current or Former member of the Armed Forces Must show proof that spouse is or was currently in the US Military or US Military

Submit a copy of your real estate licenses (Must state license number and show you in active status) for each state you are licensed to practice real estate.

If you have any questions about these requirements you can contact a member of the CMR® Staff and we will assist you as much as possible. Some requirements may be waived on a case by case basis at the discretion of the CMR® Designation Commitee.