Certified Military Relocator® helps relocating military personnel who want a Realtor® who knows PCS from LES.

Nobody likes to move, but the average person makes two or three moves in their lifetime. People in the military community move every two to three years, and with approximately 500,000 household moves per year, the military is the largest moving population in the United States.

Certified Military Relocator® connects service members with highly-trained realtors who can provide sound counseling whether their clients are selling, buying, moving on base or renting out in town.


“After spending more than 25 years in the military, I understand how moving to a new and unfamiliar location can present service members with many housing questions,” said Osceola W. Elliss III,  founder of Certified Military Relocator® and a retired Marine. “With Certified Military Relocator®, service members facing relocation now have someone on their side.” 


Service members can feel confident knowing CMR® agents understand the PCSing process. These agents realize the challenges of deployment and know which legal documents a military spouse needs to buy, sell or rent a home while a spouse is down range. Certified Military Relocator® agents know how to read an LES, and understand how military benefits such BAH and access to Veterans Administration Loans can assist with the home-finding process. Plus, they are well-versed in marketing strategies for real estate situations faced by military personnel.

Because Certified Military Relocator® agents must meet strict guidelines; service members know they are trustworthy. Certified Military Relocator® agents have completed a challenging certification course, passed a background check, provided proof of good standing with their local real estate board, and have ample experiance with VA Loans.


“Certified Military Relocator® agents are trustworthy and have proven their dedication to meeting the relocation needs of service men and women,” said Elliss. “Be it renting, buying or living on post, Certified Military Relocator® and its agents are here to help.”





Based in Jacksonville, N.C., Certified Military Relocator® understands the needs of service members and their families. Founded by U.S. Marine Corps MGySgt (Ret.) Osceola W. Elliss III, Certified Military Relocator® is dedicated to meeting the needs of service members through vital relocation resources as well as access to the growing network of CMR-trained agents.  


Certified Military Relocator® is part of the PCSing.com family of real estate services.